Organic Rug Cleaning Brooklyn

Expert cleaning, repair and restoration of area rugs across Flatbush and Brooklyn NY. Organic cleaning, free pick up, 100% guarantee. Professional service.

Organic Rug Cleaning That’s Green And Clean

Located in Williamsburg but serving clients across Bushwick and Brooklyn, Organic Rug Cleaning Brooklyn offers a wide variety of services relating to organic area rug and carpet cleaning, rug repair and restoration and carpet installation. Whether you’re a residential or commercial customer and whether your job is large or small, we aim to give you the same high level of service - the kind of service that makes you want to return to us.

We’ve been in the rug business a long time and are all too aware of how different area rugs need very different treatment. That’s why we provide customized services - whether Persian, Oriental or Afghan, bamboo, camel wool or jute, we know how to take care of your rug. Our two decades of experience have taught us that dedicated staff, who know their trade, and good customer service combined with affordable prices are a recipe for success. So whether you have one rug or a dozen, be sure we can deal with all your cleaning, repair and restoration needs.

Organic Cleaning Protects You and Your Family

We understand that, at a time when resources are more precious than ever, many of our clients are concerned about being environmentally conscious. That means taking steps to protect the planet, which is why we are completely committed to using only green and organic products at our warehouse.

We are always looking for new, green products for use - products that are high-end and do just as good a job as traditional solutions, only without the toxic chemicals.
For anyone who has asthma, breathing difficulties or any kinds of allergies, normal cleaning products can really compromise their health. We know that by using organic cleaning products, we can keep you and those around you much safer, as well as give your rug or carpet a clean look and fresh smell. Organic really is the only way, in our eyes.

100% Guarantee on Every Job

We offer a 100% guarantee on all of our work because we believe that happy customers will come back to us. So if you are not satisfied with any aspect of the job we’ve done, let us know and we re-do the work. That is our promise to you. We also offer a same-day appointment service if you call before 12 noon and our organic cleaning products mean your rug will come back looking transformed.

Organic Rug Cleaning Brooklyn - For All Your Rug Needs in Williamsburg

Organic Rug Cleaning Brooklyn

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