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Quality wall-to-wall carpet installation in Williamsburg and Bushwick. Expert service, affordable prices.

Wall-To-Wall Carpet Is The Way To Go

Carpet is very popular amongst our clients, which is why we offer a wall-to-wall carpet installation service across Williamsburg, Bushwick and Brooklyn NY. Also known as fitted carpet, wall-to-wall carpeting is making a bit of a comeback in the US, after a decade or so of it being out of style. There are many reasons why this is. It’s soft and comfortable. It’s the obvious safe choice for children and the elderly (who are more likely to slip and fall), can be varied in style and gives any room a feeling of luxury.

Moreover, wall-to-wall carpet keeps in heat, which means you will stay cosy on long dark nights, and also absorbs noise - great if you live in an apartment block. And as long as you make sure to clean it properly and regularly, it is quite low maintenance. Finally, wall-to-wall carpet makes a great play surface and seating area for any young child. It cushions them when they’re moving around, and keeps them safe and comfy. Of course, it’s also ok for adults - invite your friends over for a movie and you can all sit on the carpet, with cushions behind your heads!

Comprehensive Wall-to-Wall Carpet Installation Services Across Brooklyn

Our wall-to-wall carpet installation service includes taking doors off their hinges, moving furniture, installing tackless strips and then laying the carpet pad and carpet itself. Finally, we will trim the carpet and staple the seams. We work with all kinds of material and can deal with one small room or a whole office floor. Even better, we promise you a 100% guarantee on all of our work - if you aren’t happy with our work, let us know and we will return and re-do the job. It’s that simple.

Quality Wall to Wall Carpet Services At Affordable Prices

At Organic Rug Cleaning Brooklyn, we’ve been cleaning and installing carpets for years, and we know a lot about them. It’s not a surprise to us that carpet remains the number one choice in NYC - it is comfortable, soft and great in long, cold Brooklyn winters. We also know that in order to keep it at its best, it really should be cleaned on a regular basis, by professionals. Only with a deep clean can the grime and dirt really be taken out of the fibers, and difficult stains and troublesome odors made to go away forever.

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